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Oakville Camera Club Notice of Annual General Meeting Monday, September 9, 2013, 7 p.m. QE Park, Oakville, Ont. The ...

Oakville Camera Club

Notice of Annual General Meeting

Monday, September 9, 2013, 7 p.m.

QE Park, Oakville, Ont.

The Oakville Camera Club encourages all members to attend our Annual General Meeting.

Highlights will include an open discussion period, consideration of a Code of Conduct

Bylaw and election of your Board of Directors.

Please note, the Minutes of the 2012 AGM and a copy of the Code of Conduct Bylaw follow

this notice. Following is the tentative agenda:

1. Call to order

2. Report from the Board

3. Minutes of 2012 AGM

4. Financial Statement for 2012-13

5. Constitutional Amendment re: Code of Conduct Bylaw

6. Election of Board of Directors

7. Open Discussion

7. Adjourn

A social evening with complementary pizza and beverages will follow the AGM.

Following is a list of nominees to your 2013-14 Board of Directors.

Position Current Nominees

President Bill Smith

Vice-President Bernie Cook

Treasurer Bill Anastasakis

Secretary Anna D'Iorio

Director William Barrow

Director Lisbeth DeAlmeida

Director Bill Ellis

Website Director Rafal Kiermacz

Director Vince Magro

Director Mark Markus

Director Thomas Podruchny

Director Gary van Eijk

Past-President Kieley Hickey (appointed position)

Any OCC member in good standing may seek a nomination to any of the above positions

(except Past-President). You require a nominator and seconder, both of whom must also be

members in good standing. Contact OCC Secretary Bill Dimmick (wsdimmick@yahoo.com).

OCC Annual General Meeting Minutes

Monday, September 10, 2012

Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre

2302 Bridge Road, Oakville, ON

1. Call to order

President Jason Hashimoto welcomed all members and guests to the meeting.

The following announcements were made:

Challenge entries were due Sept. 17 in the categories of Best Shot, Portrait and Vacation. There

was also a special challenge held in co-operation with The Oakville Historical Society with

entries due Oct. 22.

Kieley Hickey described the Capture Oakville 2012 competition and urged members to enter.

Gary van Eijk announced OCC was developing a workshop on photo editing software.

Jason explained that only persons with valid memberships were allowed to vote. He then

highlighted OCC achievements over the past year. These included:

• The move to our new meeting facility at QEP;

• Membership greatly increased to 150 from 90;

• More than 155 members attending OCC outings;

• Capture Oakville’s continuing success;

• Participation in the photography trade show organized by Henry’s;

Jason thanked the volunteers who helped make all the events and outings successful.

2. Minutes of 2012 Annual Meeting

Moved by Bernie Cook, seconded by Bill Ellis that the Minutes of the 2011 AGM be approved

as circulated. Carried

3. 2009-10 Financial Statement and 2010-11 Budget

Treasurer Julia Lio presented the 2011-12 Financial Statement and 2012-13 Budget..

During discussion, Kieley Hickey noted OCC’s sound financial position and put forward the

suggestion some of our funds could be invested in upgrading OCC’s website. Other ideas

arose during the discussion including more hands-on workshops and purchase of studio

lighting equipment.

Moved by Wojtek Zlobicki, seconded by Gary van Eijk that the 2011-12 Financial

Statement and 2012-13 Budget be approved as presented.


4. Election of Officers

Nomination chair, Jared Fein presented a slate of candidates:

President Jason Hashimoto

Vice-President Bill Smith

Treasurer Bill Anastasakis

Secretary Bill Dimmick

Director Bernie Cook

Director Bill Ellis

Director Fraser Farmer

Director Vince Magro

Director Thomas Podruchny

Director Anna D'Iorio

Director Gary van Eijk

Director Lisbeth DeAlmeida

Jared asked if there are any other nominations from the floor for the Board. None were


Moved by Jared Fein, seconded by Jim Shaver that the slate of candidates be adopted.


Jared declared all candidates elected by acclamation.

Jason thanked Jared, and chaired the remainder of meeting.

5. General discussion

Topics and ideas put forward included:

• More information about post-production software

• Have a question period at meetings (Ask and Expert)

• More shooting events and outings

• Hold monthly challenges to show images from outings

• Have monthly shooting assignments

• Open up ambassadors program and pair up ambassadors with new members

6. Adjournment.

Moved by Les Kapuscinski, seconded by Richard Braeken that the meeting adjourn.


Oakville Camera Club Proposed Bylaw (please read).

Code of Conduct

All OCC Directors, Officers and Members are expected to abide by the OCC Code of Conduct

as described in Appendix A of the OCC Constitution. Further, all members of the Board

(Directors and Officers) agree to sign a copy of the Code as a condition of serving on the Board.

Copies of the signed documents are to be kept by the OCC Secretary.

Appendix A

Code of Conduct


Oakville Camera Club (OCC) operates a not-for-profit organization (Club) in accordance with

the highest ethical standards and relevant Club Constitution and bylaws, and on the integrity of

each of its Directors, Officers, and Members.


No member of OCC should act in a way that will diminish or damage the credibility or integrity

of the Club or any Director, Officer, Member, supplier or other business partner of OCC.

Ethical Behavior

It is not possible to provide a set of rules that would respond to every situation that may arise.

However, the following guidelines define the philosophy and expected conduct relevant to most


Conflict of Interest

No Member may exploit for their own personal gain any opportunities that are discovered

through the use of OCC property, information or position, unless the opportunity is fully

disclosed in writing to the OCC Board of Directors.

Adherence to Established Procedures

Members, Directors and Officers will direct all proposals for meetings, events, workshops,

outings or expenditures through established channels to the appropriate Committee or to the

Board for approval before acting on them.

Personal Behavior

Members are expected to comply with OCC policies, Club Constitution and by-laws, and

cooperate in the achievement of the Club’s goals and objectives.

Where Members are representing the Club, they will be courteous and convey a friendly,

approachable image. Whether it is a telephone call or personal meeting, the Member is, at that

time, representing the OCC organization to the person with whom they are interacting. This

same courteous and respectful attitude is also expected in all dealings with fellow Club


Member Duty

All Members are expected to maintain a level of personal conduct that will not reflect

negatively on themselves, or on the credentials of our Club.

It is the responsibility of every Member to bring to the attention of the Club, knowledge of any

situation that might adversely affect the Club’s reputation. All Members have a duty to report,

verbally, or in writing any evidence of improper practice of which they are aware.

Members whose conduct compromises, or is perceived to compromise the integrity of Club,

may face disciplinary measures and the possibility of their membership being revoked.

This code of conduct shall, in no way, relieve any Director, Officer, or Member from complying

with all laws, statues, regulations, by-laws, rules or specific direction and policies of the OCC.

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