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Exploration #28 “Simply Circles – with an AI twist”


Session : May 15th 7.00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.


Deadline: Midnight May 13th

Circles are everywhere – in the natural and in the manmade world. The geometry of circles (and ellipses) can excite the viewer in their symmetry and simplicity. Their simple shape, colours, properties, powerful composition provide endless possibilities for photographic exploration.

So, in this exploration you should experiment with ideas that have circles or ellipses as the central compositional element and in a way that creates a simple, compelling, and powerful aesthetic. Any subject matter but carefully chosen for this task.

Option 1. Up to three images using the circle theme.

And for the first time:

Option 2. Create three images using AI image generation software.

1.     Research and try out an AI image generator you would like to use such as Mid Journey, Dall-E, Stable Diffusion, freeImage.ai, Leonardo.ai etc. many of which have a free-to-use option.  

2.     Create a digital image with the circle theme.

3.     Explore this image/theme using images created by an AI application.

4.     Have fun! Remember these images cannot be used in competition though.

Basic videos on creating these options are widely available on U Tube.

Submit up to three different solutions. Max size 5 MB and please put your name first in the image title. Thank you! Send to robin@imaginacorporation.com.

Photo Credits: Robin King - Bubbles (oil on water) and Cat of Bubbles (using MidJourney)

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