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The Canadian Raptor Conservancy offers bird in flight photo sessions at their facility near Port Dover. Each session runs 3 hours and includes 6 birds in flight and 3 or 4 static birds, and will cost you $50.00 + HST.

This is an excellent opportunity to capture these magnificent birds as they fly between perches roughly 200m apart in an open field. High above, if you look up, you will see wild Bald Eagles flying. At this event, expect to be able to capture great images of Harris Hawk, Red Tailed Hawk, Golden Eagle, Bald Eagle, Peregrine Falcon (very difficult!) and maybe even a Kestrel.

Also available for static, portrait shots would be the Great Horned Owl, Barn Owl, Great Gray Owl or a Long-eared Owl, depending on who's at the "inn" on the given day.

You will need to bring your "A" game technique to this event; it may seem like shooting fish in a barrel - but these birds wait for no one. A good, long, fast lens is a must - preferably zoom f/4 (80-400, 100-400, 200-400) as opposed to fixed. Good panning technique with high powered glass is required. A tripod is recommended also. Timing is everything to get those lift-off and touch-down shots - the most dramatic shots you will get.

The site is open, flat field. Good running/walking shoes are all that you will need for adequate footwear. Dress for the weather - which hopefully is quite fine at this time!
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