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We sometimes need inspiration in order to improve their ideas and skills. Led by Robin King, the Explorations Series assigns a category/theme around which the photographer should explore. This encourages the photographer to experiment with new ideas/solutions and creative techniques.  Images submitted to the exploration are reviewed in depth in a small group setting on-line where constructive feedback will help photographers improve their work.

How to participate

Exploration Sessions are held about once per month and are open to all members. New members are especially welcome as it's an opportunity to learn about creative experimentation using basic principles. Most Explorations can be achieved with just about any camera but a few require some extra inexpensive materials or supplementary tools. 

Details of each Exploration are introduced during the on-line sessions using WebEx.

Exploration #33 "Abstract Ideas"

Session: January 15th from 7.00 p.m. to 9:00 (online)
Images Due: January 13th - midnight.
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Robin King

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Abstract photography gives you total freedom to explore the widest variety of creative techniques with any camera (or even without a camera!).  Abstract photography is about exploring ideas that do not represent things as they are in the real world, but how you interpret and represent them in a different way.

In past explorations we have experimented with many different approaches and techniques that resulted in abstract images. Light painting, intentional camera movement, reflections, paper, glass, water, textures, micro photography and close-ups, multiple images etc. It’s about playing with visual elements in ways that may be mysterious and cause the viewer to question how is was made and how it evokes a strong response. Images can be complex and extremely simply in style and composition.

This is also an opportunity to experiment with AI techniques to see what is in your imagination or new interpretations of your existing work.  However, the expectation is that you will TRY SOMETHING NEW - that you haven’t tried before and would like to explore.

Any content is possible, but you should research the topic and create new images that reflect your creative energies. You may submit up to 3 images for this session. Images must be .jpgs - any size greater than 1 mb accepted.

Images must be submitted to


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